I'm happy. Very happy.

A long-time friend found love and married again. Since their wedding day, I've been pondering what kind of mental gymnastics it took to get both of them this far. No need to list them here. Anyone that's been married knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Kamal and Deena

After being witness to the marriage of this newly blended family, I've come to the hypothesis that taking a leap of faith in each other is more about measuring the trust and commitment it takes to make something work and less about throwing caution to the wind.

Yes, there is risk and a plethora of challenges along the way. Yes, there's some truth in the old joke that marriage (once and again) is choosing aggravation over loneliness. But the deepest truth can be found in the nature of humans to want/need/enjoy the companionship of a partner while also recognizing (and sometimes sacrificing) the needs of the individual self. It is a risk we are willing to take to seek happiness and fulfillment in ourselves and in our partners.

The secret to marriage success - even with the odds so very much against you - is a bit schizophrenic: to both ignore the odds and yet take them to heart. Sometimes you get what you put into your relationship, but just as important, you get what you put into yourselves. It's a lot of work and not a lot of luck. I trust you will figure out what works (and what doesn't) for you and build on it.

God be with you, Deena and Kamal. We're very happy for you.

Blog and photos by Tarik Trad. Please note I am not a wedding photographer. I just happened to bring my camera to celebrate this special day with my family and friends and accidentally captured a few dozen precious moments...