Booking and Rates

We have a complete studio with various lighting and backdrop combinations to fit your needs – or we can come to you.

Headshots and Portraits

We have a couple of different cash plans for your convenience:

Various backdrops available.


Want to have a passport photo for the next ten years that doesn't look like it is from a police lineup or the FBI's most-wanted list? In our studio, I'll take your photo, touch it up and print it out before you can say, "I'm ready for my close-up." Call or email for pricing.


Don’t have a lot of time and need a headshot yesterday? In this plan, we do one look with one outfit and get you in and out in less than an hour - complete with a thumb drive with one shot digitally touched up and ready to take to your printer. Call or email for pricing.


This allows for two to three wardrobe and background changes without feeling rushed. We are flexible on the amount of poses and number of shots taken. We can discuss expectations before hand. Family portraits fall under this plan. Call or email for pricing.

All Day

Not exactly sure what you want or where you want it shot? Have a lot of different ideas? Indoor? Outdoor? This is the plan for you. Call or email for pricing.

Off-Site Fee

If you want us to come to your location, we might charge a bit extra to cover our travel costs, depending on distance.

Services include: Digital proofs on a password-protected online gallery, digital touch-ups on a few selected images (color corrections, remove imperfections, etc.), and a USB thumb drive with high resolution JPG photos, including final touched-up photos, ready for printing. We do not release original raw images.

For extensive retouching, we charge $100 per hour – this would include "this head on that body" kind of thing. We can usually tell you how much time is involved before we get to that point. 

Hair and Make-Up

For a hair and/or makeup stylist, we highly recommend Cynthia Angelina - (626) 869-8657. We have worked with her in the past and she does amazing work. Check her out.


We can offer advice and recommendations. If you'd like us to handle printing, there's a 15% service charge.


Let me know what you have in mind. While we don’t do everything, we know some great photographers who do big events, such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, conferences and birthday parties. Ask for a list of recommendations.

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